Welcome to my art blog~

Homestuck has taken over but I am actually multi-fandom so there is will be occasional non-hs art.

Commissions: OPEN
I am known by many names
Hey, I just wanted to say that everything about your art is amazing! The way you paint, the poses, even the sketches, everything is just so hnng !! ♥ (I hope you don't mind being one of my inspirations) You're awesome 'v'



I don’t know what to say, I-thank you very much!!

I’m a fan of yours so you taking the time to tell me this really makes me happy! QAQ (Oh god, you have great style and colors, I would be utterly honoured if I’m really one of your inspirations) and no, YOU’RE awesome~


Holy hell, I have a 413 art in the making but I’ve already deduced that there is no way I can finish it on time due to several unexpected things that need to be done and severe artblock. I’ll at least be 3 days late…or more.


In other news, I’m thinking of practicing animation(why yes I actually do animate thingies) and/or watercolors so maybe send me prompts?

Your art is too amazing for me. I might even have to follow you! Oh wait.... I just did. :D

Oh no, you are too sweet, thank you! Egads, I hope you enjoy your stay


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